I took my first yoga class in 1998, never thinking yoga would one day become my breath, my refuge, my heart healer, and my life. I obtained a Masters degree in Brussels, and moved to South Africa shortly afterwards. In 2003, I went to India for my first teacher training, with NO intention to ever teach. Rather, I wanted to discover who I really was, and how I could calm my troubled mind. I stayed longer, took a pregnancy teacher training and…I came back a changed person! Teaching Hatha yoga; as well as studying and practicing many forms of yoga, has been my absolute passion since 2003. Yoga was far from being as popular as it is today, and I have seen the yoga scene grow and change. Despite the commercializing of yoga, I deeply respect the traditional yoga teachings and authentic yoga teachers. I will be studying, teaching or practicing yoga whenever there is a gap from my busy life as a mom of three. It is possible!!
I am a certified Vinyasa (in the Jivamukti tradition) and Hatha yoga teacher (more than 500 HRS formal training) and I am also a qualified Pregnancy yoga teacher, Kids’ yoga teacher, and Yoga Nidra teacher. I am blessed to be studying and teaching Insight Yin Yoga under the guidance of one of the founders of YIN yoga, Sarah Powers. Over the past fifteen years, I also studied Raw nutrition with David Wolfe, have a Masters Reiki degree, am qualified as a Traditional Thai Massage Therapist and Indian Head Masseuse; and a few years ago, I studied Present Child Translator with Janita Venema.

Committed to teaching yoga as a mindful practice in the first place, I remind my students they can achieve greater balance and stillness in the mind. When my youngest child turned two, after having moved four times in three years, I started my own little studio, where my aim is to help everyone connect to their own potential. One can only share what lives inside, and to increase my own energy and happiness I practice mindfulness meditation and Sudarshan Kriya. I teach both strong ‘yang’ classes (Vinyasa and Active hatha) that will satisfy everyones’ need for ‘working out’, as well as the more gentle “yin’ classes (Gentle, Restorative, Nidra and Yin) that are an absolute must in our accelerated society.

Over more than 18 years of dedicated practice, I have my own unique teaching style, that evolves with me: Every class is different, infused with the needs of my students. The practice of Iyengar yoga has taught me attention to detail and the importance of correct alignment. My Vinyasa classes are based on my training in Jivamukti yoga, and on my own years-long practice. I also teach corporate and private classes.