Monthly Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, “The sleep of the Yogi”, is an ancient Tantric process in which we learn to relax on every level of our being thus releasing blocks and tension from our unconscious minds. In Yoga Nidra we use affirmation, body sensing, subtle breathing, as well as working with feelings, emotions and imagery. At the very core of the Yoga Nidra practice is the SANKALPA, a personal, heart-felt resolve.

How to find your best Sankalpa: check out my August 2018 blog.

Yoga Nidra is amazing if you need better rest and renewed energy, or if you sleep poorly at night. It is a perfect therapy as it helps to relieve all psychological abnormalities, and regular practice helps you to become your normal, natural self.

This popular class is suitable for students of any levels. A transforming practice!


Once a month, on a Wednesday, after Hatha yoga (19:30pm)

Contact Ann for more info and bookings.

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