The Studio

Yoga has become tremendously popular over the past years, which shows the increased need to de-stress. Yoga truly is an inner journey, where we leave behind the chaotic sensory overload of the world we live in, to find our own quiet place within, and re-connect to who we really are when all conditioning has been taken away. It is about creating an honest and loving relationship with ourselves, so we can be happier in our daily lives. Only when you begin to know and love your Self, your inner and outer world can change for the better.

“Yoga is not about Self-Improvement. It is about Self-Acceptance.”


The name AS I AM was specifically chosen by the founder Ann so we may remember that our outer appearances and abilities, as well as our background are irrelevant when we meet ourselves on our yoga mat. Ann remains true to the authentic yoga teachings and this shows in every class she teaches. Ann has been teaching since 2003 and has a strong sense of what is needed by each individual and will always adapt any posture to meet the students’ needs, so that EVERYONE, from the beginner to the experienced flexi-bendy, can get most benefits from every pose in every class.

AS I AM YOGA is a small boutique yoga studio in Pinelands. Small classes allow for personal attention and insight into ones’ individual needs.

There are also regular health and happiness inspiring workshops, with well-chosen experts in their topic.

Mats and other props are provided FREE OF CHARGE, as well as filtered water and herbal tea.